Leave realm option?

I may well be being silly, because it might already exist, and I just have not found it,
but it would be nice to have a leave realm option for outside of battle, even if it counts as a loss.

Some times enemies are very strong, and stun lock you, or you have a bad synergy with some of your creature traits, and revealed hidden realm properties, say Wisps and Damage at Start of Turn,
so that it becomes either tiresome or impossible for your creatures to act in the battle, and so it would be nice to be able to surrender outside of the in-battle menu.

If you choose the “save and restart” option inside a realm, you will start the game back in the castle, essentially abandoning the realm. I think this does what you want, though there’s a bit more loading since the game restarts. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have an option to simply surrender, rather than having to save and restart. The extra load time is annoying