Legendary Enchant Hunting

I see a lot of players frustrated because they’re trying to get that one specific Enchant they need to finish off a build, and the RNG is being a prick. Perhaps an option could solve that?

Say, if a character sacrifices 30 of a specific core, they get a Major Sigil of that creature type. It’s thematic, and the number is high enough to prevent abuse (and lends additional use to extraction and the perk that gives extra cores even late game).

Sigils are going to work differently in the upcoming patch. You’ll have way more control over which Major Sigils you find, and subsequently which legendary materials you can acquire. Sigils will also finally stack, so that’s nice.

Not all major sigil give their respective creatures enchants right? I have cleared all 322 major but when i wanted to test the pit wraith dominator, i realised that i am still missing the inspirit ability.

There are a few Major Sigils that don’t award their respective creature enchant material for the sake of balance, but the Inspirit material is supposed to drop - unfortunately, it’s not right now due to a bug. I’ll fix that for the next update.

It might help to more heavily advertise Transmutation in the search for legendary materials. Fully upgraded, it seems like transmuting a legendary almost always returns a new legendary material.

It still means you have to spend a bit of time with the RNG, but you have more control than hunting a particular Major Sigil and you’re building up other crafting materials at the same time.