Legendary Material Drop Rates : Working as Intended?

I started a new game when 2.0.19 came out. (I restart to often, but I am still having fun, so it is okay :->)

In my newest game (the one started post-2.0.19) my mage is currently level 35, I have spent the game (thus far) farming Realm depths 2,3 and 4 (mostly 2,3 and a bit of 4).

I currently have found 8 Legendary crafting materials. (I haven’t seen a Nether Orb yet, but I have EIGHT legendary crafting materials.) Also, as a point of comparison, I have found 8 Minor Sigils (and no Major Sigils).

This is obviously a small sample size, and so it could be that I got crazy-lucky farming low-depth realms early in the game. On the other hand, it could be a sign that something is subtly wrong with the loot distribution table in 2.0.19.

Sounds about right. You might have gotten a lucky material or two, but overall that’s a decent pace. Nether Orbs are much rarer than legendary crafting materials so that sounds correct as well.

Excellent. I felt like Legendary Materials were more rare (and Minor Sigils more common) in previous games, but with small sample sizes, anything can happen.

Thanks for the quick response.