Less "confirm" when searching random stuff in the realms


Many times i open some crates or stones or whatever, and i need to “confirm” the text 2, 3, 4 times to pass it, just to get a piles of ressources. It may be nice the few first time i see this crate/stone/whatever, but it’s mostly quickly boring to have to confirm for a text i don’t even care about.

Could you simply change it to get all the text in one single window i can confirm, then a window to tell me what ressources or events i get, so only 2 confirmations instead of sometimes up to 4 or 5 ?


YESSSS PLEAASE! This is killing me! Specially those goblins texts, they add a nice flavor the first time you visist a realm, but after that it just get really annoying. The text could change to just something simple like “WE GO TO WAR!” before you hand them the itens or, just a floating text saying thanks, just the way you get when u break itens and gain resources.

An option to confirm the loot screen with e ( or the standard interaction command in case of a controller ) would be nice too.
Basically an toggle to swap e and q for the loot screen.
I find myself far to often in the detail inventory because I try to spam the confirm button and dont hit the last q to get back to the map.

Ditto, less confirming please.

Oh yes me also, i end up in the inventory too often because i spam Confirm.