Less sigil drops from sigils

I recently tried to reduce my stash (380+) of minor sigils by using them. After about 20 fights I had more sigils than before. The floor level was not deep either only 5 to 8.

My sugesstion would be to not drop minor sigils as reward from minor sigil fights or at least reduce their droprate.

Agreed, their drop rate definitely needs to be reduced.

Perhaps, as you were saying in a topic about spells, figure some was of recycling a large number of minor sigils into something? Seeing as how I’ve had the same problem as Kejal with the staggering number of sigils that I can’t seem to make a dent in.

Here are some ideas 5 like minor sigils for a major or maybe trade a few for exalted emblems

5 minor for a major is way too few, especially considering you didn’t even fight to get it. I’d say recycle 15 or so for an energy shard. Perhaps instead, brimstone and crystal. That way it’s a useful recycle without being a free grab on hot commodities.

At this point I would happily delete my whole stack of sigils just to reduce the size of the save file. No one needs a thousand sigils. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exchanging X minors for Y majors is a great idea! A new merchant feature?

Again, of you could simply exchange minors for majors, what would be the point of even doing the minor sigils? Just passively stock them up (you don’t even have to try) and get essentially free major sigils… while I can’t imagine the developers consider this, I myself can’t see the balance in this. Exchanging minors for other things, maybe. Or perhaps making a sort of mid-grade sigil that you combine minors to make that have a guaranteed chance to drop a major upon completion. Actually, that would be an awesome idea! That way you can narrow down the minor stacks, still have to put effort into it and effectively get the best of both worlds. The accomplishment of effort and the ability to give away minors to get majors.

I’m with Jun on this one. What would be the point of even doing Minor sigils when you can just save them for a major one? I think that lowering the drop-rate on minors, but making the rate for getting major sigils from completing minor sigils higher would be a bit better.

The drop rate has been lowered for the next patch.