lets get rid of the primed idea

it doesnt work fight 1000 battles and nothing creatures the same

Weird! I haven’t seen this bug yet. Would you mind sending me your save file so I can take a look? You’ll find it in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim3\save and it’ll be called something like “slot1.sav”. If you could send it to me at zack@thylacinestudios.com, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

it sure does take a lot of battles, so maybe you don’t literally mean 1000? but yea this mechanic is way too slow and makes breeding useful for super hardcore players only. needs to be adjusted to become useful during
a normal players time with the game. what good are all these systems if only 5% get to see them?

What good would all these systems be if you could blow through them in a day?

It just seems clunky to have them prime during battle. I know as far as game design goes, breeding itself shouldn’t be too trivial because then getting your +15 specialization won’t mean anything but it still feels clunky.

I would suggest tying it to an item like a monster food item. It would be similar to how chocobos across various FF games had different nuts they could eat that would get them ready for breeding. You actually already have a great food item: Stale Candy. I don’t know of anyone actually using these for the +1 level so one possibility is to just redesign them to Prime monsters. :smiley:

Part 2 of this suggestion is to tie them primarily to the random merchants you meet in realms. Merchants sort of fade into obscurity in the late game. I certainly don’t even stop to check them anymore. Make it so merchants always carry 1 of whatever food item (candy or some new item) that causes Primed status and either make it exclusive to them entirely or extremely rare from anywhere else.

Given that 15 is a relatively low cap, it is important to put some sort of limit on the system so that people don’t Max out Heredity immediately.

That being said, the idea for an item-based system seems excellent. In particular, I feel like at the moment the game is a bit short on cool rare drops. (Having additional rate things that feel exciting when they drop would be excellent.)

Each Primed parent gives a +1 and a -1 so to get to 15 you need 15 primed parents. I think an item based system can still provide enough of a bottleneck that people aren’t just immediately filling their stable with highly specialized creatures.

Math… :-\ Assuming merchants are the primary source of monster food and they only offer 1 per visit we’re talking at least 15 realms to get one creature at max specialization. And that is assuming a merchant appears on every realm. Is the chance closer to 50% chance to meet a merchant? Then you’re looking at 30 realms. The numbers can be played with more. What if the merchants had a 50% chance to carry 1 food item? Now it’s ~60 realms to max heredity on one creature.

That would make the occasional rare food found inside a chest pretty exciting too in terms of time it saves. Though I am still thinking it might be better to just make it a merchant exclusive. Given enough loot bonus you WILL find enough in chests, no matter how rare they are, to make merchants obsolete again. (I mean… unless they are card-like rarity)

[quote=“Zack, post:4, topic:4684”]

What good would all these systems be if you could blow through them in a day?[/quote]

I’m suggesting there’s a middle ground - besides, this kind of breeding system is something players will be using for the rest of the game, so why not making it available super early

Got my first Primer after 5 realm visits around 40-60 battles altogether but only the Plague Alchemist got Primed not the others.
It killed around 1-3 creatures per Battle.

Please also share your experiences

What if the kills required to get Primed were based off the variation the creature has? Since they get a + and a - per each primed state, then every 2 stat levels your creature is off increase the number of creatures it needs to kill or fight etc…to get Primed. This also would mean that you would want to prioritize early stat primes to ones you really wanted as changing them later on would require more time and kills.