Let's talk spellcasting.

There has been quite a bit of talking going on in regards to certain aspects of spellcasting in general; namely creature stating, a number of traits and stat-boosts. I believe it is a good thing to have a little discussion thread aimed specifically at sharing thoughts, ideals and overall grumpiness (should it exist) about that most wonderful of things - magic.

I’ll start out by summerizing my own thoughts.


Swiftcasting is a wonderful idea for a trait, it really is. But it has managed to earn quite a bit of ire and disdain from the more regular members of the Siralim community. The reason? Because it’s much, much too prevelant. Not overpowered, mind you. Just too efficient and all too tempting to use for practically everything. For what is meant as an alternative playstyle with its own set of pros and cons, there’s not really any cons to be found everywhere - at all. This is seemingly due to a number of factors.

A - Speed is better than Intelligence and Swiftcasting-Speed is flat out the best stat in the game.
B - Sorcery is the worst spell school (for spellcasting) in the game, without it.
C - Most spellcasting focused creatures feature either Speed equal to, or higher than, their Intelligence. Which makes Swiftcasting a no-brainer. This even includes families that really don’t look fast at all. Familiars and Grimoires being the main victims of this disease, that I’ve dubbed “Swiftcastingitis”.
D - Swiftcasting has access to soooooooo much more support than Intelligence. The Necronomicon, Dark Passenger and Horde traits, the Dark Whispers spell and Swiftcasting-Blur just being the very tip of the iceberg.

Personally I’d like to see Swiftcasting either recieve a bit of a nerf or some of the, rather ridiculous, support that it has access to get a change. So that they’ll count “potency”, rather than Intelligence. Likewise I’d be ever so happy, if a few families could get restatted. Yet again, Familiars and Grimoires just don’t look fast and as the two “main” spellcasting families, they really should have higher Intelligence than Speed.

Another idea would be to have a look at the Occultist line. Of which a lot of creatures are currently in the “meh…” pool. They seem to be surpossed to act as Sorcery’s version of the Gargoyle/Ophan/Lich/Imp families, but don’t feature anywhere near the same quality of traits. Delusion, Zealot and Raptor being obvious exceptions to the rule.

Stat Boosts:

This is a fairly big one. Stat boosts are, in of themselves, not overpowered. But the incremental nature of Intelligence, Defense (Nexus Amaranth) and Speed (Raven Batmaster) boosts really, really, really quickly gets out of hand. Special mention goes to Palace Familiar. Who, due to its non-stacking nature, lets you do some obscene things.

The two main solutions, that people have discussed, to the issue of stat boosts seem to be, either introducing severe diminishing returns for them (my favorite) or restricting the number of times that they can affect your creatures in any given fight.

Haste spells:

I’d personally like to see Haste effects get a bit of a nerf. Preferably by having creatures who cast and/or get targeted by them become immune to Haste effects untill their next turn. Why? Because it’s possible to have infinite turns with it, as it is now. Minor thing, but worthy of mention.

Spell Mastery:

I looooooooooooove this perk. Although I personally consider it to be just a bit too powerful and I wouldn’t be adverse to it only giving you access to allied spell schools (Sorcery getting Life and Death, for instance). But the real thing I quickly wanted to mention here is just how silly powerful it is with health-cost spells and on-hit/when-hit effects. I strongly suggest lowering the chances for cross-classed on-hit/when-hit effects by half and increasing cross-classed health-costs by 50%.


Nothing major here. Just wanted to say how cool I think it is. Sure, it’s not really that good. But it does everything that I personally want from a class perk; something cool, different and special. Mad props!

That was about it, for now.

EDIT: Forgot something. I’d personally like for the Fraycasting perk to be changed. As currently it’s just rather poor. Immagine if it caused a portion of your intelligence to be used, rather than defense, for reducing incomming spell damage. Just sayin’.

If Swiftcasting is changed, Hybridization becomes much worse, though. Since it doesn’t grant a bonus to either Attack or Intelligence and Speed granted by anything other than artifacts, base stats or gene strength doesn’t affect turn order.

Hence why I support nerfing it indirectly by re-stating a handful of creatures, making certain traits/spells count “potency” rather than Intelligence and/or making Sorcery decent without Swiftcasting.

Although I wouldn’t be adverse to the idea of having Swiftcasting use 80% speed instead of 100%. Indirect nerfs/changes would be prefered though.