Level scaling?

I noticed this game has level scaling. Can anybody elaborate on how this works? The issue I take with this is that when everything levels up with me, I never really notice the benefit of leveling. If I go back to areas I’ve already been to, are those enemies still at the level they spawned at? Or is everything pretty much always at my level, no matter what I do?

Thanks for any info!

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The first few realm levels scale linearly. So at realm level 1, each enemy is on average 3 levels less than your creatures. At realm level 2, each enemy is on average 2 levels less than your creatures. The scaling increases with each realm, so eventually you’ll run into enemies that are 10 levels higher than your creatures.

At lower levels, you’ll find that this increase is substantial. If your creatures are level 10 and your enemies are level 20, you’re going to get destroyed. But if your creatures are level 100 and your enemies are level 110, there’s not as much of a difference and you have a pretty good chance at winning.

Aside from that, you’ll also be upgrading your artifacts and creating Nether Creatures (much more powerful versions of normal creatures) which will allow you to progress even further. You’ll also have access to a wider array of creatures which allows you to create better strategies to handle harder obstacles. And in the upcoming patch 2.0, each time you gain a level, you’ll be able to spend skill points to improve your team even further.

So unlike a lot of other games, progress isn’t measured directly by your level - it’s just a factor among several other things. You are certainly rewarded for leveling up, it’s just not in quite the same way as other games. Hopefully that answers your question!

Thanks for the warm welcome and swift reply. What you said makes sense to me thus far.

I have real issues seeing past level scaling in general, but you make good points. I’ll at least give the game a try, and if the scaling makes me bonkers, oh well. I know many people like it.

Typically as long as I can have some type of rear view mirror and see how much stronger I’ve become in comparison to something that used to challenge me, I’m happy. It justifies the grind for me. Does the battle arena have fixed levels, perchance? That’d probably be enough for me. Anything that’s fixed, at all, would be enough for me.

Thanks again!

Follow up question regarding caster level. Does that factor in anywhere? I ask because I’m tempted to stable my level ~50ish creatures and start a brand new team of 1’s with some of the cool new creatures I’ve unlocked, but am wondering if I’ll be hampered because I’m almost level 50.

Also how do sigils fit in with scaling? I’ve never been able to complete a sigil since they just obliterate my creatures. I’ve collected 4 pages of them and am looking forward to being able to defeat them someday…

@vetokend: Nope, nothing is fixed. The heart of the game is that it can be played forever, so every single aspect of the game is random, infinite, and scales in some way. I’m still pretty sure you’ll find that the progress you’re making is obvious enough to keep you interested, though :slight_smile:

@Syro: Each of the enemies scale with each of your creatures, so if you have a level 1 creature in your party, one of the enemies will scale to that creature. Feel free to bring in a new member to your team at any point :). Minor Sigils scale with the realm level you use them in as well, but they’re naturally intended to be more difficult than normal enemies. At the very least, you should have 6 creatures in your party and have some decent artifacts and spells before attempting them even at realm level 1.

Thanks again… one more quick question. How is realm level determined? Apologies, I know this is a play-and-find-out question. Last one! Maybe :slight_smile:

Think of realm level like a floor in a building. You start at floor 1, find the stairs that leads to floor 2, and so on. It just goes up by 1 each time, and resets to 1 when you enter a new realm directly from the castle. You can research an upgrade later on that will allow you to visit any realm level you’ve already been to.

Nice… now that’s making me a bit more interested. If I can control the degree of scaling, color me happy.

Thanks again for the info, I’ll be trying this beast out later tonight.

So, I know there’s a camp I belong to that shies away from level scaling. They’ll probably read this and say “nah” to the game, as they pass through.

Let me set the record straight though, having played it for a little while. Zack, feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong here, since I’m still new.

While level itself doesn’t really dictate your strength relative to monsters, several things make you more powerful for your level.

  1. Artifacts (gear), which can gain limitless power through reforging, enchanting.
  2. A prestige system in 2.0 where you can increase all of your pet’s stats by a percentage - no cap on this, from what it looks like.
  3. From the same prestige system, at least 10 different various bonuses you can apply to your pets.

Also worth noting:

  1. If you like to be able to bash things after becoming really powerful, you can always start a new pet, equip it with something crazy powerful, and destroy level 1 mobs with it (enemy levels scale in some proportion to your pet levels).
  2. You can start a new set of pets at level 1, fight all level 1 monsters, and still use the spell power from your leveled up hero to completely roast them.
  3. In most level scaling games, level serves no purpose. It does here, though. First off, your hero has a separate level from your creatures. Next, level differential is an important part of the realm level difficulty system, so it’s a necessary metric.

Anyway, didn’t want people with my mindset to write off this game after seeing my post. Progression was kept in mind here, and it feels fun to improve. Limitless progression with a well-thought out scaling system that doesn’t remove the sense of reward. Well done!

You hit the nail on the head with every point there. Thanks for the write-up!

The fact that enemies scale along with your monster levels and realm level keeps the early realm levels interesting well into the game. But as you point out, advantages start to build up for the player as you increase in level. If you think artifacts are powerful, they used to be a little more… customizable. I have some old artifacts in my inventory with more than 30 slots. I actually think artifacts are more important than nether creatures, because they can grant your creature a new ability through legendary crafting material.

It took me a long time to be able to make a nether creature, and to be able to beat major and minor sigils on realms high enough to get legendary materials. Low level was not actually the problem. What held me back from higher levels was a failure to discover new creature abilities and combine them together in ways superior to my current build. There is no perfect build or creature combo. I am excited for 2.0 to come to mobile so I can improve my team using new creature abilities!

Just saw the patch notes for 2.0.6. I’m curious what the implications are of enemies scaling to the experience points of your creatures (vs their level). Is this just to make sure that nether creatures, who require more experience to level, aren’t ridiculously overpowered?

Yes, exactly. Before, you’d have a Nether Creature that was half the level of your other creatures, but then you’d keep encountering normal creatures as enemies that scale to the Nether Creature’s level, which means it could basically be killed in one hit.

Now, instead of that, you get horrendously powerful enemies that you must use your nether creature to kill within the first turn or two else you risk getting all your creatures one shot by that super monster. Unless you run a nether creature that is about a third or less the level of your other creatures…

Total noob here, and new to the game, which is AWESOME! Thank you!

Android 5.0 (Galaxy S5) and latest version of the game (2.0.8 ) . I’m a level 21 nature mage with 6 creatures- a Level 28 springtime aspect, Level 28 Firewound Angel, Level 28 Lich Priest, Level 12 Sand Giant, Level 23 Twisted Devil, and Level 27 Minotaur warrior. I saw the tip on the forums to have a dedicated healer and dedicated tank-I’ll start working on this.

However, I’m getting wrecked in a level 1 realm with packs of 6 creatures that are consistently hitting for 200 HP each. Is this difficulty intentional? I have no idea how I’ll survive higher realm creatures, as my highest monster has ~250 HP.

Thank you!

Are you fighting against Berserker Fiends or something, maybe? I have a save file in the same level range (25-30) and I am only getting hit for about 30-50 damage on average on realm level 1.

I just opened a new portal to a level 1 realm. I hit a mob of six: one twisted devil, two firewound angels, one servant hunter, and one blood hound, and one glutinous slime. I observed the slime hit my minotaur warrior for 100 damage. A round later, it did the same damage. I accidentally fled the battle and grabbed a second mob.

On the second mob, and enemy Beserker Fiend did 187 damage to my minotaur warrior, but took 57 recoil damage, followed by doing another 187 damage next turn. It then did 60 damage to my springtime aspect. The enemy iron golem then did 93 damage to my sand giant. The enemy minotaur warrior did 97 damage to my sand giant. Ow.


You might consider adding a Berserker Fiend to your party. :wink:

They do seem insanely strong. If nothing else, this question has led me to pay attention to which enemies to focus fire down.

Try to enchant your artifacts with some defensive stats as well. Defense, luck, and maximum health are really important even though it’s probably tempting to throw as much attack on them as you can.