Levels of the Gods

What are the levels/gene strength of the Gods based on each Level of the gate? I know there is level 1-10 but what do those levels mean for their stats and levels? Im curious because keys are sort of expensive and I still want to gain the avatars by defeating the gods without wasting a bunch of resources on attempts destined to fail.

To put it simply, what are the levels or ratios that the gods have when facing them in the Gate of the Gods based on the level chosen?

My first attempt, with level 300 creatures with around 8000 gene strength, at level 5 Erebyss (I thought I’d try at the midpoint to gauge my strength) was completely shut out before I could make a move. Key wasted and me no closer to figuring out how far behind I am to being able to best them. Was it because my creatures were too weak level and/or gene wise? Or was it because the Gods are like sigils and their stats are increased based on your own? Either way, I could use some help figuring out this puzzle.

Just like sigils:

1 - 100%
2 - 150%
3 - 200%
4 - 250%
5 - 300%
6 - 400%
7 - 500%
8 - 700%
9 - 1000%
10 - 1500%

Unlike Sigils though, you can beat level 10 gods with a level 1 party, since your artifacts will have high enough stats that level 15 enemies won’t be able to touch you.

Level 1? are you sure? How high should my speed and attack be then? Because I tried it with 6 Level 1 Bats equipped level 9 Bows each rolling with 800 Attack, Speed each and got wiped.

Well, their Gene Strength also scales to yours, so you need 0 GS creatures and a team with some synergy, because they will still get a little GS even if you have 0.

When I faced level 10 Erebyss with a team of level 1 with zero gene strength creatures, She was level 150, not 15. Huge damn difference and I don’t think this strat is going to work based on that major difference. I think Ill just have to grind out enough keys to face her on level 1.

You’re right, Gods have a minimum level of 10, so it becomes 150 at difficulty 10. I actually didn’t know that, I wonder if it was added after I beat the gods or if my mage level was so high that I didn’t notice it at all. Sorry about that!

It could still work though, you could level up a team to 10 and use Smith traits like Fool’s Axiom and other defensive stuff to negate enemy damage, but yeah, it’s harder than I thought.

Also, you should be able to beat at least difficulty 4, and maybe up to 7 with a low level team. 9 and 10 are a big jump.

Sigh, I think this scaling level thing is stupid as it makes grinding up your creatures counterproductive. The creatures I work the hardest on to improve and have great synergy, can’t even attack because my opponent is both twice their level and gene strength. I kind of understand why it was done, but I don’t think it was well thought out, at least in the higher tiers. Even with creatures at level 10 and good items, the gap just seems to be still incredibly large. You know, I didn’t think I would ever find anything to dislike about this game, but this god scaling problem might just ruin it for me. I feel the same way about the sigils.
My only suggestion for it would be to have them scale to about 2x my level with distinct advantages like attacks first, resurrects once or twice, cannot be debuffed, player creatures afflicted battle long debuff, similar to sigils and just ramp up their health or defense stats on higher levels to ensure a notable increase in the length and challenge of the battle without the opponents being beyond godlike in their attacks that wipe each member of the team in a single blow.
I beat level 8 Erebyss with a level 10 team and a ton of Spells that activate at the beginning. Even though I beat her, it doesn’t change how I feel about this system. A game that focuses on unlimited grinding should scale, but 1500% is pushing it a bit far. It feels like I had to strategize in a way that made the accomplishments and advancements Ive already made concerning my creatures null and void.