License validation problem

Hi,i just got a really annoying problem.I started the game then it said at the starting screen “Please ensure you have an active data connection for the license check”.My internet connection is usually of cos it is very limited.So i turned it on then this popped up “unable to get a valid license please ensure that you have a valid connection to the store” and it has two options,retry and buy,so what am i to do now ? It’s obvious it can’t verify it is a legit copy,i still have the receipt,so i can show it if it is nessecary.Please help,i need to get my siralim 2 fix ASAP !!!

I’m playing from android 6.0 from a HomTom HT17 Pro device,i’m playing 2.4.0. version.

Have you tried reinstalling the game? Note that you’ll lose your saved data if you do, but it doesn’t sound like you have any yet since you haven’t been able to play the game.

If I am not mistaken, HomTom is a Shenzhen company. If you are in or near china, this might be a “great firewall of china” problem.

I have been able to play the game,i was playing it for 40+ hours when this happened.No,i haven’t tried reinstalling it,but no need anymore,i started google play with internet connection on,so it might update,it didn’t update neither the game or the app its self,then i tried to start the game agian,it did nothing.Then i tried google games, it didn’t update it self either,but for some reason i when i booted the game from this app it worked and i hadn’t had the same problem ever since.(no i’m not from china,i’m from hungary,btw)

I have no idea what caused OR solved this problem.Any idea?Btw Zack,i love this game,gg coming up with the idea.