Lich Overseer Major Sigil Battle

With the recent changes to the Lich Overseer’s ability, it seems that the Lich Overseer major sigil battle is nearly impossible. While statistically I am sure it is possible to win, the probability of none of the abilities triggering is extremely low. I understand that previously there was a valid strategy for this fight that is now no longer possible. A change to this battle (maybe reduce number of LOs from 6 to 3-4) would be appreciated.

Skeleton mortarman, necropolis (other tank world’s if you don’t have him), unicorn consecrator, annihilator fiend, and the biggest two: omnipotent deity and lich hellcaster. One deals damage when something dies, the other gives damage when something dies. The others are more for speeding that process up, lol. It might be a funny cycle of them dying and resurrecting to die from others dying. Might be a bit humorous even. :stuck_out_tongue: give it a try and tell me how it goes. I foresee a happy camper :3

Find the Bone Reaper monster, which prevents enemy abilities that trigger upon death from going off. Commence hysterical laughter.

Sadly the bone reaper is your only option. Scorn does not seem to work against on death abilities otherwise an Exalted Spirit or Wyvern Skystalker would be viable.

Thanks everyone, I had forgotten about Bone Reaper, which works wonders in that battle.