Life Mage skills

I play as a Life Mage and my team is so overpowered that I think the skills of Life Mages should be muted.

Example: I have a Caritas Sanctus, a Willow Spirit, a Burhua Ophan and a Narklin Ophan. Through Narklin and Burhua, all creatures in Team Major Healing can cast 0 mana. One then casts the spell on Caritas Sanctus, healing all others. This activates Willow Spirit’s ability to cast the spell on Caritas Sanctus and then heals all others. This creates a colossal healing effect and increases the damage done from about 200 to over 20,000.

There are many combinations that will annihilate this team. Misery boss with immune to attacks sigil. Good luck…

Or if any of your creatures gets blight - all those heals will make them go poof.

Or warp reality making your nicely generated barriers lethal. Especially when combined with ceaseless maker - team wipe-r-us!

Every build has in some way opponent teams that will own it.