Life Realm Link

So, I was doing the Daily Realm - it was Life - today, and started a battle like usual. Was using my Carnage party - went first, smacked a Chaos enemy for in the range of ~2000 damage. My entire party died and I lost on my first turn to omnicide, because the field had given everything Link.

Please tell me that was RNG madness and not designed.

There is a small chance event in life realms that causes everyone on the field to have link. There’s a statement at the beginning of the battle saying that, but I don’t remember it. Lol, that is too funny though!

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but if the entire field has Link, and you don’t have any healing effects, how do you win?

Having more collective health and using indirect damage because it doesn’t proc link.

This could actually be a huge problem if you’re farming in a much lower realm level than you can handle. I’ll make adjustments to this.

I actually like the idea that it keeps super powerful teams from running around the cake walk and pushes then to go to more realistic levels. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I suppose your right