Life / Sorcery Extraction Perks (suggestion)

Life extraction: After extracting a creature, all your creatures are healed for their maximum health.
Sorcery extraction: After extracting a creature, your creature randomly casts a spell from it’s equipped gems for 0 mana.

I like these. The Life one sounds a bit too powerful though, maybe just heal the extracting creature? Or extracting creature and adjacent ones?

Wouldn’t use the Sorcery one, ever. Throwing off a Dispel at the wrong moment is a social faux pas that is very hard to live down. And the Life one seems a smidging overpowered. However, I do agree that it’d be nice for the two to have an Extraction perk.

Maybe a power or power balance bonus for sorcery extraction? Power seems kinda useless once you finish the castle upgrades though.

I also agree life and sorcery should get extraction perks. (Why is life and sorcery always 1 step behind the other 3?)
Life extraction: Your creatures will attempt to extract a random extractable enemy whenever they cast a healing or ressurection spell.
Sorcery extraction: Increases the chance of successful extraction for each buff your extracting creature has and for each debuff the enemy creature has.