Life Transformation bug (ongoing)

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Windows (Steam)
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Life Transformation doesn’t appear to be functioning with Breath of Life.

[s]In the attached screenshot the enemy Granite Golem was being healed by it while the enemy Dread Wight wasn’t affected by it at all (the casts had no result recorded in the History). The second and fourth casts captured in the screenshot were targeting the Dread Wight.

In the next battle, one of my temporary creatures had a Healing spell gem. Casting this on the enemy Abomination Brute had no effect and nothing notated in the History. Casting a different heal on a damaged Treant resulted in a heal.[/s]

After further testing, I’ve determined that the Life Transformation trait must simply not be working. Casting a heal on damaged enemy creatures results in healing, and casting them on full-health enemy creatures has no effect whatsoever.

Turns out it’s just not working at all.

Thanks, fixed for the next patch!

Doesn’t appear to function in 0.20.0 either. :-[

Wow, you’re right - I just found yet another bug with this trait. Should all be working fine after the next patch.