Lighter dye

I find that the dye you can apply to your creatures is “too thick”.

I applied a blue dye to my nether unicorn vivifier (to distinguish it form my regular creatures) and I can hardly tell its shape on black background, and can’t make out the details either.

May I suggest the colour layer opacity to be less? I’m not sure how you apply the colour effect, but if you use multiply the colour effect will look good even on the most vibrant creatures.

Right now, dyes actually blend your creatures’ current color scheme with the color of the dye, so that’s why they look so dark right now. I agree that it’s not a very good implementation right now, but I plan to heavily update the system in the future to make everything look way better.

That’s cool. Saw that the Troll Arsonist is even harder to distinguish - both are green creatures by default though.

haha I was gonna take a pic of what my orange demon guy would look like going blue. all it showed was pitch black and all you could see was the armor on the fore arms haha