Limit the number of revivals in random encounters

Loving the game so far. However, I will say the amount of revives in random encounters so far has been pretty frustrating. Now that spell gems have charges (and don’t use MP), certain enemies can somewhat endlessly revive.

The creature/spell set in Azure Dream is especially prone to this. Almost every battle takes so long due to this that the only way to really “Win” is to get fatigue damage so high it’s a random dice roll if I kill them, or they kill me. I haven’t unlocked a good silence solution yet, so I’m not able to counter with that debuff.

For a suggested fix, I think limiting the number of times an enemy single creature in a random encounter can be revived (to 3). That or severely limit the charges on all enemy revive gems.

There is already a limit to the number of times a creature can be resurrected in each battle - I’m pretty sure it’s set to 10 right now, that way, battles can’t drag on forever.

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Hmmm. I must be hitting right near that. Thanks for the insight.

Is it 10 in total or 10 for each creature? ~60 possible revives an encounter seems pretty high. Azure Dream is especially prone to these types of encounters (at least for me).

There’s a trait out there as well I believe makes it so enemy creatures can only revive 1 time. Might help to counter that.

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Satyr Guardian. The whole race is built around limiting the amount of times enemies can do things, though usually per turn instead of per battle.

Personally, I enjoy the Corrupted Phoenix’s trait for cutting down the effectiveness of rezzing. Having a 75% chance to just kill them is quite satisfying. In the previous games, it was fun to pit it against a realm property that gave enemies a high chance to resurrect.

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Yeah, I sadly didn’t run into any of those creatures on my run. I ended up beating the section by taping down the “A” button on my controller and just letting the fights go to extreme fatigue so I could one shot everything. Was not a fun section but it’s done haha.