Link/Taunt resurrect bug


I have encountered a very strange bug that I will try to explain with my limited english.

When enemies are under the Link condition, if a creature dies and then you attack the creature who is the source of the Link condition, the creature you just killed will reappear on the battle scene, but not in the action queue. The consequence is that you cannot select that “resurrected” creature and the worse is that you cannot validate any command anymore on any creature at all (attack, diffuse, spells, …). The only solution I have found is to hit the back button on my android device or force closing the game to avoid fleeing the battle.

I don’t think this happens every time you face Linked enemies so I don’t really know why it triggers.

If you need more details, I’ll try to take notes the next time it happens. It has already happens to me a few times since 1.0.12 but I’m pretty sure it has happened before too. And I think it has happened a few times with the Taunt condition instead of the Link condition.

I’ll get this fixed up. Thanks!

I hope you will be able to find this one easily because it looks like it appears a bit at random.

I had this happen with an enemy granite golem. It intercepted an attack after it was dead, and then produced the exact results mentioned above.

This has hit me as well. It seems to happen with Ectoplasmic slimes most often. They die, then on my next hit, they’re back up again. Feels like a bad chumbawumba song. After a round goes by though, I’m stuck. Can’t attack move the cursor, or anything (On iPad).

Bit frustrating, but hey, that’s what bugs are, and I get the feeling Zack’s already knows how to fix it.

Hi Zack,

Any idea when you can publish an update for this bug on the android version ? Since I have discovered it, I seem to encounter an Ectoplasmic Slime or Granite Golem one fight out of two and the bug triggers each time. That makes the game almost unplayable :frowning:

I am testing out some recent changes and hope to release it sometime today.

That’s nice ! Will you release it on iOS too ?

I was fearing the Android updates would be slowed by iOS slower process.

All other platforms typically get their updates a week before iOS, which of course is Apple’s fault.

It seems the latest update for Android (Siralim v1.0.14) did not fix this bug for the granite golem.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Fight with granite golem as part of enemy team
  2. Kill granite golem
  3. Attack other enemies in golems row
  4. Golem will still taunt and worse make the game react with incredible lag to input (about 5-10 seconds to register clicks)

Though I have not encountered a succubus playing the new version yet, there was another bug concerning her link ability as well:
She was completly unkillable with high damage attacks even though she was the last enemy alive. I assume she was redirecting attacks to the dead enemies since every attack was >50% of her HP. I will report back if the bug persists once I encounter her playing the new version.

Thanks for the detailed report Kejal. Sorry that the last patch didn’t fix it - it seems there were actually multiple bugs with this ability.

The succubus was also still bugged.

The update from this afternoon might have fixed the golem (he did not taunt, but he only had 4 chances anyway, so a 93,75% chance that it is fixed) :wink:

Good catch - I’ve got that fixed for the next patch as well. Until it’s released, you can kill the Succubus Spirit with a spell and its ability won’t react.

True, except when it happens in the arena and your lineup does too much damage and does not have damaging status effects. Though I do not know whether those would have helped or would also be transferred to another target.