list of buffs/debuffs

hey guys is there a list of all possible buffs/debuffs/statuseffects?

thank you in advance

When you go into the library in-game, talk to the librarian. That fine lady will inform you on all that you are requesting!

This is one of the few games where the in-game information (found at the library and from the librarian) is actually very helpful! ;D

ty guys was only checking all the bookshelfs :slight_smile:

I did the same, and I think a lot of people have. We need a guide in the game to show you were the guides are :).

Although it makes enough sense for the librarian to have that information, it would be really nice to just have it in the menu. I keep forgetting 1 or 2 of the debuffs (that don’t really matter much, anyway). I remind myself to check next time I get back in town. Then I’m so busy with stuff, I forget to check and teleport back and usually already have the angel statue buff when I notice that I forgot. Since I don’t want to lose it by teleporting back, I tell myself I’ll do it next time in town, and then forget and repeat the process again :P.

Having the ability to see what the buff/debuffs are from the inspect menu would alleviate this problem somewhat…