Live to Labor dealing 200% more damage with lances instead of 100% more damage

Hey Zack,

Still getting weird numbers with multipliers on lances. Instead of 100% increased damage, I seem to be getting 300% or more.

Simple way to test is to equip a lance to a Pit Worm.

Edited: Changed title to be more exact given test environment.

This is still happening as of December 23 with latest version on PC

This may be related on how defense works. Since its possible to mitigate damage to 0 with high enough def i guess it decreases the damage by some amount and not by percentage.
Now lets say you deal 100 damage and the enemy mitigates 70 of it. so you would see 30 on the screen. Equipping the lance would increase your damage to 200, enemy would still mitigate the same 70 and the final damage would be 130.

I thought about that as well, but I don’t think live to labor is mitigated by defense.

As an aside, are you suggesting that lance damage bonus is calculated BEFORE attack/defense calculations?

I have also observed this behavior with Djin Pyromancer’s trait when allies cast a spell and the Djin is holding a lance. Pyromaniac will consistently deal 4x damage to death creatures with a death lance instead of the intended 2x damage.

Incidentally, Pyromanic dealing damage vs a Nature creature (class weakness) is the expected 1.5x damage.