Living Nightmare ps4

Can someone explain how living nightmare works? It seems to not work with the starter death summons for death mages wondering if I missed something. Thanks in advance.

Do you have space for the summons? If you’re using a full team you won’t be able to summon anything.

I tried that. In the PS4 version when you cast it you don’t need an empty space but I tried leaving a spot anyways. What I get when I cast it is an invisible monster that just attacks random stuff. But I have to cast it. Living Nightmare doesn’t effect it at all.

It’s most likely the spell I’m trying to get it to work with and not the perk at all. Idk it’s the only summons I have seen lol

Ah, you mean the “Call” spells. Those aren’t considered summoned creatures.

Well that answered my question ha. Thanks. ^^