Loading Screen Issues on PS4

Whenever I get to the loading screen on the PS4 version, it doesn’t seem to fit on my TV. Everything else is fine, including the main menu. It’s just the “Loading” screen, wherein the “loading” gets cut off by the borders of my TV. It’s rather distracting. I tried changing the screen settings on my PS4, but no luck. Also tried alternating the zoom settings during gameplay, but no luck.

Any fix for this?

It’s not possible to obtain a TV’s specs programmatically, so it won’t be perfect on every TV. As long as the entire GUI and all the game elements fit, there shouldn’t be a problem though. Can you confirm everything else fits?

I’m not entirely sure. Everything else seems to fit. It’s just this one thing which is why I find it so weird. It isn’t like my television is small, it’s about 30 inches across. I haven’t really seen this issue before either. I remember with games like The Witcher 3, the UI was cut off by the screen, but the game had a built in setting to adjust the boundaries of the screen which would fix it. It didn’t effect the loading screen either, regardless.