Loading times at high enemy levels

If I go into realm depth 1000 with Hypersensitivity on (level 800k enemies), the loading screen takes almost a minute and there’s a bit of lag in battle (almost unnoticeable). The effect is much more pronounced on my iPhone 5, where the game is pretty much unplayable at my level even without Hypersensitivity, though it runs a new game perfectly.

I guess the game would become unplayable even on PC eventually unless there’s a way to optimize all that stuff.

Maybe there’s no way to fix it, but just letting you know :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not too confident it’ll ever work perfectly on iOS with such a massive save file, but I am going to implement a “High Performance” option that cuts out a ton of visual fluff to make it run more smoothly on weaker devices. Hopefully the option will also help people like you with mid-high range devices that happen to have enormous save files. :slight_smile: