Loid's Head not dying [0.9.5]

Hello Zack,

I have currently attempted fighting Loud Prime 3x as a Defiler. I have killed all the body parts except the head and it’s refused to die each time.

I attempted to find the Identify Creatures spell to check the life, but I think it’s only in the arena.

I can’t resurrect the body parts either to blow them up again.

Thank you,
Jimly the Lich

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!

I am still having problems with the Loid fight in the newest patch. Loid’s Head revives his other body parts, but I kill them enough times that they reach the resurrect cap and I am unable to deal enough damage to the head to kill it.

Stop being so good at the game and this would not happen :confused:

Unable to kill Head of Loid. No matter how many times I kill the body parts, the head takes no damage. Had to forfeit.

Yeah same here…except the Head didn’t even do any resurrecting. When he did that against you, any chance he used spells?^^