Long loading times on my main save

Hi! I’m playing on a Galaxy S5 and I’m experiencing some long loading times on my oldest save. From the title screen, that save takes at least 30 seconds to load. In game, moving between realms incurs a 10+ second load time, and moving between rooms in Siralim incurs a load of a couple seconds per room. My younger saves load almost instantly with no wait between rooms in Siralim, so I figure it has something to do with the age or the inventory of my old save.

The save in question is a level 635 mage with a little over 100 hours played, 300+ cores and crafting materials, many pages of artifacts, stacks of consumables, and around 1200 sigils. Would clearing out the inventory reduce load times, or is it time to start a new game?

It’s pretty much entirely the fault of the inventory. Sigils are up next for a revamp, and they’ll stack, so that will greatly reduce load times if you happen to have a ton of them.

Speaking as someone with 200+ hours invested, cleaning your inventory out, dumping excess scrolls / consumables you don’t like / using up sigils (you can actually run out now) reduces load time considerably.

Agreed, inventory management is a kind of metagame in Siralim :wink:

Another factor of slow loading is the number of creatures in the stable. When you are close to the maximum your save file will be >600k even with an almost empty inventory.

I cleaned up my inventory and the load times were significantly reduced.

Thanks so much guys!

I know this is totally off post, but this helpful and supportive community on the forums is so nice to see. It’s what really adds that extra shine to enjoying such a great game.