Loot after 2.0.21

I’m seeing a lot less loot drop after 2.0.21.

I’ve put about six hours into a variety of realm levels since the patch dropped, and I’m noticing that the rewards I get for higher realms have been reduced significantly in both quality and quantity, differing very little from the lower realms. For instance, this morning I completed a duty at realm 370, and my reward was a single handfull of essence.

I’m playing on Android, Galaxy S5.

I think this is a side-effect of a recent bug fix. I’m going to do some testing and see if loot drop rates need to be increased a bit to compensate for this.

This appears to be most prominent with Duty rewards, which is now more often than not just a Handful of ___ .

I had the same problem in 2.0.21 but it is fixed in 2.0.24.