Loot display in realm

Since we must extract to preserve loot anyway i think it would be cool to have an option to turn off loot display in realms and instead get a summary. or some ‘locked or whatever’ loot menu if you want to check it. it really really doesnt matter 99% of time what you get NOW. since you cant use those artifacts/gems right away. and you ll have to review it all

In fact i think summary screen would be very welcome. even more if we can work with it for a bit before it disappear (ie lock gems, lock artifacts withough leaving the loot tab like it was in siralim 2) actually i dont care if i get 2 satchels of granite, or some gem, or artifact since it has zero immediate impact.

oh on a side note - i hope you get cards saved in your profile the moment you get em? or if you die you ll lose a card as well? :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway you just have to juggle Q/E keys too much since you hold/tap “E” to skip that battle sumamry but then if you happen on loot you CANT skip it with E. minor annoyances but they sum up a lot.

Oh on a side note mimic and its loot - after you kill a mimic, both in S3 and S2 games you look south. always. no matter what direction mimic was/hes corpse is. its weird, happends only after mimics :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent idea! Definitely adding this to my to-do list.