Loot filter Punishments

I am acquiring too many items which is affecting my loading times.

I acquire gems faster than the amount of Essence I’d require to Mass transmute them, I acquire a lot of artifacts which I dispose of them via mass salvaging, but I get like a thousand pages of materials/

Here is one solution, to prevent looting certain items via punishment.

Destitution - Unable to obtain common crafting materials (can still obtain rare and legendary materials) from chests, quest rewards and salvaging.

Indigence - Unable to obtain spell gems from chests and quest rewards.

Dearth - Unable to obtain artifacts from chests and quest rewards.

Poverty - Cannot gain Essence, Granite, Crystal and Brimstone from battle. Increased Power, Power Balance and Energy received from battles.

Being able to remove undesired items from the loot table sounds like a great idea. Sigils and eggs also come to mind.