Loot screen sometimes doesn't select correct spell gem in inventory

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    I have at least two blur spell gems already with only the property of maximum health. When I won a third blur spell gem with only the maximum health property I wanted to lock it. Upon selecting the spell gem on the loot screen it took me to the wrong blur spell gem with another maximum health property.

I won blur 11% health

In inventory previously
blur 14% health
blur 24% health

The game took me to one of the other blur spell gems instead of the one I just won.

This happened while having multiple of the same property combination of healing as well.

I won an 11% healing gem
The loot screen took me to the already locked 12% healing gem

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I have over 100 pages of spell gems
1873 spell gems
19 healing gems
16 blur gems

Can’t figure out why this happened
Won vertigo
1st screenshot

It selected this one in inventory
2nd screenshot

Found the problem, thanks!

Zack, it also selects the wrong artifact if it is the same level and type.
It selects the bottom artifact of that level.

I thought I should let you know since it is a separate item type.
This is probably the same issue that you fixed with the spell gem example though.

Game version 1.0.0
OS: Linux

The loot screen still does not select the right spell gem. It appears to select the bottom spell gem in the list of the same name while the correct spell gem is usually at the top of the list.

Here are more screenshots
1st screenshot = incorrect spell gem selected
2nd screenshot = what spell gem should have been selected
3rd screenshot = New spell gem from transmutation
4th screenshot = Took me to wrong spell gem from transmutation
5th screenshot = Spell gem bought from merchant
6th screenshot = Took me to the wrong spell gem

As can be seen the game always take me to the bottom spell gem instead of to the top where the new spell gem is placed.