Losing max HP gained- after resurrection

Version: 1.0.4
OS: Windows 10
Video: The Last 6: Nether Bosses 30-35 (Siralim Ultimate) - YouTube

Hi. When something resurrects, it seems that they usually resurrect with their base HP, then once they get a chance (dont know what the trigger is) they gain it back.
In the timestamped section where I fight Kraynaks for the first time you can see my units being killed over and over before they can return to the max HP they had before they died. Specifically at 38:41 in the video the Terror Wight has about 100k max HP and then when resurrected goes down to 14k (his base HP). Honestly, not sure if it would have mattered in winning the fight but I figured it’s worth reporting.

Not sure if this is a bug or if I missed something. Kraynaks was on instability 1 and I didn’t look at all the traits but it happens the fight directly after with Cyrha.

This is the build that I was using during this video!
The two ways I gain max HP are from Forbearance and also Hearty Appetite triggered by Bravely Inspired. Hope this helps.

Apparently! Creatures’ stats are reset when they die. Was not known to me this whole time and I’m at RD 260 :rofl: