Lost cloud ID

I accidentally deleted S2 from my iphone and lost my cloud ID. I don’t have the app on any other device. Is there any way to recover my saved game from the cloud if I don’t know my cloud ID #?

Unfortunately, there is no way to recover your files without your cloud ID.

Bummer. Well, it is nice to start again knowing how the game works and planning accordingly.

Wonderful game, by the way. Thank you.

One other question- apologies if already addressed elsewhere- when Siralim 2 updates on the appstore, the update doesn’t appear as with other apps. Does the app just update itself directly?

There has only been one approved patch for the App Store so far and that happened about an hour ago so it might not be available to everyone quite yet. It will update the game just like any other app - we don’t have a built-in patching system or anything.

On that note, I’d like to think patches will come out a bit more quickly from now on, since hopefully we’ve appeased Apple’s reviewers for good this time.

Ah, I see. The patch is now available for download. Thanks.