Lost Gems

While playing the current windows version, I lost 4 out of 6 pages of gems. I had used a gem box and then shortly after checked my gems through the inventory screen. I wish I were better able to pinpoint the cause, but that’s all I know.


The gems are still missing from my inventory, but they still show up in the inventories of the gem boxes and gem enchanter, so not a game breaking bug as far as I can tell.


That’s strange, but I’m glad they’re not completely gone. I’ll see if I can figure out why they might be invisible in your inventory.

Is it possible that the gems are just displayed stacked in the inventory screen? They are displayed seperately for enchanter and gem boxes.

Oh, that’s a good point. I’ve been checking into this and I can’t see why this would happen otherwise.

OMG, I’m so sorry, that’s exactly what was happening. Ok, no more posting bugs at the tail end of Siralim marathons. :-[