Lost gene strength when breeding lv1 creature with high level creature

My Level 643k Drifting Shade at 19M gene strength was bred with a Level 1 12M creature and the result was a 16M gene strength Drifting shade.

Have you bred the 19M gene strength creature since a few patches ago? This is probably a side-effect of the bug I fixed that was allowing creatures to have ridiculously high gene strengths.

Yeah, I’ve been bred it about 100 times over the past 24 hours.

The 19M creature doesn’t lose any gene strength when bred with a +0 freshly summoned creature.

Hey, something similar happened to one of my creatures. But it was the opposite: it gained a lot more of gene strength than it probably should. I bred a lv102 +42 creature with a lv61+0 one, and the offspring had +90 gene strength.
That seems a bit too much…

What was your mage level?

I’m level 3300. Just this morning, I’ve had 2 level 2000-ish +10k creatures create a +49k. And 2 level 3000-ish +35k creatures create a +29k. There seems to be a reversal of what one should expect.

My level was 104

the max that can be gained is 2x mage level even if you breed a +50 with a +0. The max new gene strength for the offspring would be +250 if your mage level was lv 100.

Well, i believe that breeding a +50 with a +0 should give you a +55, at most a +60. But a +90… its a bit too much.
Based on what the others are reporting, i guess the situation shows that the offsprings have “inverted”. 50 + 0 now is 90 and 50 + 60 is now 45.
That sounds pretty serious. Was it fixed in a newer version?
(My version is 2.1.2.)

It’s not fixed as of v2.1.5
l bred a 1M level +23M creature with a 1.4M level + 3.8M creature which yielded a +20M gene strength offspring.

If I bred the +23M creature with a +0 creature the resulting offspring would have been higher than +23M(23.1M perhaps).

I still lose a lot of gene strength when breeding high gene strength creatures together.
~42M gen drifting shade lv 3M + ~27M gen Cerberus Banelord lv1 =

~36M gen drifting shade (huge reduction).

I’ll test later at what gene strenght the 2nd creature has to be at to result in a reduction.

Save file attached for reproduction.
Version 2.1.7

slot2.sav (512 KB)

Mage level 1,000. I was feeding lvl ~1,000 creatures to lvl ~1,000 creatures with ~80K GS. I gain ~3,000 GS each feeding. That’s fine. I have all character diety perks. Doesn’t seem to increase exponentially ever. I thought maybe I need to feed high GS to high GS to get exponential increases of GS. I fed a lvl 200, 50k GS creature to a lvl 1,000 88k GS creature which results in a 72k GS creature. lvl 800, 82k gs to a lvl 800, 82k gs. I get an 85k creature. Ouch. Both 82k creatures hard earned at 3k gs per feeding to get there. The 50k gs feeding where eggs I got from drops that have since been fixed as a bug.

That was a lot of hours to gain that lost 15k GS, 5 feeding\hatching at 7k crystals each. At least that’s made much better now with the GS deity points perk. The lost 79k gs hurts more. Glad I backed up save before testing.

Pretty sure your game save is bugged blue, would be interesting to see GS feeding results from a fresh start. I’m tempted to at least dismiss all my creatures with any GS and start over, at least keeping all my nethers, artifacts and mage lvl.

This is with 2.2.1 on PC.


The issue I have is losing gene strength when breeding two high gene strength creatures together.

Here are the results from editing an egg’s gene strength in speed and zeroing out all other stats. My drifting shade at ~44M gene was used as the first breed and the hatched plague alchemist was used as 2nd breed.

1st    	    2nd      result gen str   diff	 mage lv

44566436 168580 44566444 8 111545
44566436 168585 44566439 3 111545
44566436 168586 44566439 3 111545
44566436 168587 44566436 0 111545
44566436 168588 44566436 0 111545
44566436 168589 44566435 -1 111545

Maybe it has to do with mage level since my mage level is 0.6616 of the gene strength.

Increasing my mage level to 111768 resulted in an increase in gene strength instead of no increase.
44566436 168588 44566789 333 111768

Do you have the same problem with low gene strength creatures? Wolfe was having issues with Singularity when hp reached billions or trillions creating some sort of cascading effect.

Could possibly have to do with handling large numbers.

no, it may have to do with my mage level which relates to at what gene strength creatures have to have to be impacted. I bred a +1M creature with a +6.6M egg I hatched and got a 6.8M mouth of hell.

my drifting shade is just acting weird. It kept decreasing in gene strength when I bred it with creatures with millions of gene strength.
44M, 39M, 33M, all the way to +15M using +11M dumplings. I ran out of high gene strength creatures at that point.

Think I found the problem!

I’d be interested to know what the problem was. This is some funky stuff!