Lost Nether Egg and all gems when the game closed

  1. Is your issue a bug, or is it a crash?
    Crash (not an error, game just closed)

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    I went to turn in my first Nether Egg and accidentally closed the game; I was talking to friends in Vent and went hit the talk button on my mouse and clicked on the close button in the upper right. If this happens after you start making the Nether egg (when he takes the orb, gems and demon dust) but the came is closed before he hands you the egg it seems to delete everything. This was my first turn in so I was not speeding through the dialog. I lost 2 L10 Topaz, 25 L10 Ruby and a Ruby Neather Orb with 10 activations (9 ruby and 1 topaz) and 27 gem slots.

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    This one was not a crash so much as a perfect storm. My “1-in-1000 mis-click” cost me my last 20 hours of play. I have three questions and a recommendation.

      1. Is there a way I can load my safe file from 4 hours ago (there have been multiple saves since and I doubt it but figured I’d ask)
      1. Is there a way to edit a safe file, I will reactivate the orb but I’ve only ever found 3 orbs in ~60 hours of play, can I add one to my inventory by editing my save file?
      1. If no to both of the above is there a game editor/trainer I can use to just give myself the same orb and the 25 gems back?

    As far as the exchange with the Nether creator goes It should probably instantly give you the egg when it takes the items from your inventory. Whether this happens at the beginning or end of the dialog, just so long as it instantly gives the egg when it takes the items, that would prevent this type of loss. I really enjoy the game and hope I can get my progress back on track somehow. I appreciate any help you can offer.

Sorry about that! Which creature were you trying to make? I’ll send you a gift code so that you can get all your items back.

Wow, I don’t even know what to say … THANKS! That’s a MUCH better solution than trying to edit a save file! I was making an Nether Iron Golem with the following:

1 Red Nether Orb

-27 Max Gems
– 25 Lvl 10 Iron Golem Rubys
– 02 Lvl 10 Iron Golem Topaz

-10 Activations
– 9 Ruby Activations
– 1 Topaz Activation

Demon Dust was not used and no shards were spent to complete the 10 activations. Also, is it possible to get this as an egg? My quest wants me to put the egg in the hatchery now and since then I don’t see the Nether Creator in the dungeon (he may just not have spawned in the few floors I’ve done since).

Sent you a PM with the code along with some instructions on how to use it :slight_smile:

I am still just stunned! Thank you so much for the help here, I was WAY bummed when I found out my egg was gone and can I will joyously go back to spelunking for more goodies … with my Nether golems!!! I’m going to tell, Steam, MetaCritic, Google Play and Indie DB all about this, Thanks Again!