Lost realm progress (max realm reset to 1) and can't progress.

Playing on Android.

Version 1.1.2

I was working on getting Scatter Shot for Ottum, got a Skeleton Mortarman, and sacrificed it for a catalyst. I used the catalyst on Ottum and immediately went to the teleportation shrine. I selected the “Teleport to Realm” option and the only realm I can select is 1, when my Max was previously 56. I would be fine with this, but I literally cannot progress, as it activated the tutorial again, and I auto-kill all of the extractable creatures needed to complete the tutorial mission. My Itherian realm Max was also reset from 3 to 1. No other progress has been lost (as far as I can tell).

Just noticed that all of my wins/losses are at -1/-1 as well.

Character, creatures, items, and knowledge are unaffected.

Turned off Heart of Darkness and was able to progress, but definitely needs to be looked into because it’s a fair amount of pointless grinding to get back to 56.

Sorry this happened to you!

I should be able to fix your save file pretty easily, so if you could upload the file to the cloud and PM me your cloud ID or e-mail it to zack@thylacinestudios.com I’d be happy to fix it for you.

I’m not entirely sure how this could have happened. Did you use cloud storage at any point? There was a rare bug in the way cloud data is handled last week that could potentially corrupt your save file, so that’s my best guess.