Lost Save

My old Computer Crashed and I was unable to transfer my file to the cloud beforehand. I was able to backup all of my files unto my new computer but when I reinstalled Siralim 2, there was no save. Seeing as I have all of the data from the old computer, where are Siralim Saves located in a Mac IOS computer so that I can transfer it into the proper place to continue my 228 hour game profile.

I’m not 100% sure where the save files are stored on Mac but try Users/YourUsername/Library/Application Support/Siralim 2.

That location had the game files and the soundtrack, which I had already transferred over. But not the actual save, which I thought might be on the game. Unfortunately it wasn’t. The quickest and easiest solution would be to use my old computer to upload it to the cloud but my old computer is currently inoperable and my last Cloud upload was months ago (and the cloud menu specifically states that unedited files would be deleted after 90 days). I was hoping maybe the save file might be hidden away somewhere in my files and I could just transfer that over. Is there any other location I might search to find the game file? If not, I regretfully understand. After all, Siralim 3 is in the works, which as always, I’m ecstatic for.

The save file will be stored in a different location than the game itself. Could you try running a file search for “slot1.sav” and see if anything turns up? That’s the name of the save file (assuming you used the top-most slot for your save file - otherwise it’ll be called slot2 to slot5).

It worked! Thank you very much for helping me here! For future reference, for Mac IOS, Siralim 2 save files are found in com.thylacinestudios.siralim2 in Application Support. Siralim 1 files are similarly found in com.thylacinestudios.siralim. Once again thank you very much for your speedy and accurate response, you guys are the best.