Mac version Crashing After Cloud Import

No worries! I’m a developer, and know how these things can be, and your response time is awesome. I played 20+ hours without any problems prior to this!

The only other file I see, though, is the online.ini. I don’t what all that affects (I just see the OS lines and the text). I think I can start the game up, fine, when I have a new ID - it’s only when I switch to my ID and try to access the cloud saves that I crash.

Just to confirm, you’re saying that even when you switch to a brand new cloud ID, then go to ‘Import Files from the Cloud’, the game still crashes in the same way?

No, no - only when I switch to my actual ID, with the save data on the cloud. When I use a new ID, and there is no cloud data, I get no crash. I haven’t tried to start fresh and upload anything new from the Mac environment.