Macro for Buffs/Debuffs

Just a simple request from a silent player!

I would love to have an “If [target] has [number] buffs/debuffs” option for macros. Or if the infrastructure for a [number] variant is not in place, then the simple boolean checks of “any buff/debuff” or “no buff/debuff” would suffice.

Currently there are two options for recognizing buffs/debuffs:
“If [target] has most/least buffs/debuffs” or;
“If [target] has buff/debuff […]”

Using these, to detect if a creature has a buff, every buff has to be tested individually. This is now possible with the new “AND” option, but it takes an obscene number of lines.

This is made more difficult because, currently, if no creatures have buffs, then all creatures are considered to have the most and least buffs, resulting in any test using them being guaranteed to fire on something. This makes conditional checking for something like “Antidote” a nightmare.

Of course, if anyone has a solution to this problem that is already in the game that I have not found, please let me know!

And just so it’s clear, I love the game! Also played Siralim 3 and am glad to be supporting this one as well. Just this one thing has irked me since I wrote my first few macros in Siralim 3!

Thank you!