Macro ignores "If ally (1) is dead, cast Flourish"

Ver: 0.6.16
Platform: Windows 10

All of my birbs, aside from the first have a macro to check bird 1’s aliveness for flourish, then check left, check right, then check numerical up for dark rituals. Every part of my macro setup works just fine except for the flourish cast.

This consistently fails. The flourish cast never happens. Flourish was never cast in this fight, so it can’t be a charge issue.

Can you try enabling macro debugging (via the options menu) and see if anything shows up that might explain why it won’t cast this spell?

Sorry mate, I should have put this link in there. Here’s a Gyazo link to an example of the debugged macro working - or rather not working - its magic.

It entirely ignores the Flourish cast, despite the fact Aeolian at this point is dead. A few lines ago, in fact, it states he’s dead and there’s no proc I have in place to revive him other than a lifebinder dark ritual, which was unavailable to me at the time. Flourish is meant to be my “oh god no” button.

This error occurred with an Ancestral Phoenix in the past, though at the time I put it up to user error of some kind. However, as this had happened repeatedly I put on debugging a while ago anyway to catch it out.

It seems consistent.

EDIT: gdi I forgot to paste the link. Replied again with a pasted link.

Thanks for the details! I think I’ve found the problem.