Macro import/export

Hi. I am using iOS to play, and I’m on version 1.4.3 at the moment. I have been trying to make a macro that includes shellbust, since I have an imp hexer. However, I do not have the gem. The easiest way to get this running seemed to be to import a macro from someone who does have that spell, and a macro which uses it. However, every time I try to import a macro, I get a strange error reading

“Fatal error in action number 1 of key press event for e-key key for object obj_macroeditor: unable to convert string “;” to float at gml_script_string_split…

Stack frame is gml_script_string_split (line -1) gml_onkect_obj_macroeditor_key-press_69”

The game then crashes. I have asked other players who were successfully able to import this macro. In addition, I seem to be unable to paste a macro from the clipboard after I export it from the game.

EDIT: macro looks like