Macro Logic

Please address the macro issues causing 6-line requirements for 1-line functions. Specifically, I’ve noticed it on “any enemy,” so it would presumably affect all “any” conditions.

A simplified example:
[If any enemy < knowledge S, extract it]
[If any enemy lowest health, attack it]

The first part rarely works (even before whatever changed recently which won’t let me extract any creature), and the attack part works some of the time, but won’t match any conditions other times (often, and not due to buffs or debuffs). I’d imagine the last part would attack the enemy with the lowest health 100% of the time excluding invisibility, scorn, etc. but it seems to choose one enemy to evaluate, then stop functioning if that single enemy doesn’t meet conditions or is dead.

I have a video I can upload, but unless it’s requested I’ll skip that since according to many other posts, this is well known and people simply use workarounds including 6 lines.

Even with import export, this is a massive headache, because I’m not confident my singular extract macro would work without extra lines, and I often use different actions depending on what creature I’m macroing, meaning I’m using many macros and editing them often.

Please fix it!

Additionally, importing and exporting macros doesn’t seem to work at all on Android.