Major: item sets not working

It assigns totally incorrect spell gems to be assigned to the item set (in fact, it displays spell gems i dont even have), and trying to equip set you just assigned causes your gems to unequip.
For example, my 1st creature has firewall, firestorm and mass dispel, its a chaos creature, 1st gem has no properties, 2nd has some mana/damage, 3rd has swap: chaos
when assigning, it displays:
chain lightning
holy protection
mass dispel (not found)
so only swapped gem shows correctly,
when i swap gems places, making mass dispel #1, other 2 gems persist referring to same wrong gems, so probably somehing with internal id’s. or save file (hope not)

heh that steam and its shadow updates, turns out all this time i was playing 0.10, exit and reload shown its allready 0.16. didnt fix the issue though. maybe while the game is EA should make some popup message in-game when update is on so we can exit-reenter to get most current experience? )