Major: just noticed half of my talismans have disappeared

Since i just got new GD from itherian boss instead of 100+ rank i had i checked back to them and noticed i dont have like half of them ofc i go mad, wtf and post to forums and realize that ive lost a lot of game time in any way :frowning:
So here are my latest saves: current, with lost talismans,
and 2 predecessors with talismans that should be there.
Latest patch killed some (GB. GondurasBane, SRect are wiped)

Pretty confident that latest patch that have enabled all the talismans have killed their older versions
Thats why i mark it as major- tons of ppl can have the problem by now not knowing of it

Complete sequence that ended like that : download new patch, go to normal realm 263 or so/alteration to azural,
realize that talismans are working, go to itherian realm with pre-patch 5x sigil (have tons of em),
get talisman in boss fight that i allready had at 100+, check all talismans, got fire in the hole about it :stuck_out_tongue:

slot1.sav (4 MB)

cloudsave3.sav (4 MB)

cloudsave4.sav (4 MB)

Uh oh…

I’ll PM you to help restore them for you - should be able to get everything back, don’t worry. Sorry about that, though!

Any idea when/how this might have happened? It seems very random that they’d just disappear suddenly.

Ok, here’s a fixed file. Let me know if there are any issues.

The patch definitely didn’t magically delete the talismans on its own - there must be a bug somewhere else. I’ve looked around a bit and I think I might have found it, but I’m going to keep searching and double-check some things and then release a patch. Sorry again for the scare!

slot1.sav (4 MB)

ok if you say so.
i didnt refer to magics, probably there were new properties set to talismans, and they were conflicting with old ones, and there was something that allowed data overwrite.
again i do not know or understand the programming platform you work on, but generally assigning new properties to an object can lead to overwrite of its properties which by itself can lead to deleting the older object and recreating it with new properties. you ofc know your environment much better
though reference to magic was kinda harsh

Sorry, didn’t mean for that to offend you! I just meant that the patch wouldn’t have anything to do with that. It’s important for me to be as transparent as possible with issues like this because other people are reading these posts and I don’t want them to be afraid of patching and things like that.

I do think I just found the cause of the problem though, so I’m going to upload a new patch now. Thanks for the help!