Major slowdowns probably due to looting breeding recipes

v 016 win7 64

EDIT problem didnt persist on the next realm, got 3 recipes from the loot at once, dont know maybe race-only realm had some restrictions ot something else told the game not to give me recipes, now back to normal

Was in vulpes itherian realm (dont know if race affects drops)
When stepped near the ancient lore stellae, it took some time for game to respond then instead of a breeding recipe it tells me something about nude woman picture, probably hebrons mother.
After that i didnt get any single recipe in that realm but looting had major slowdowns (10-20 sec sometimes), probably to check if im elgible for some recipes/clarifying im not, and rearraging or clearing loot table idk.
I dont yet have 100% breeding recipes - 16 pages in the lists,
achievement says i have 2197/4000. but probably there are some in game rules/gates that didnt allow me to get more in that realm (hope problem wont persist though other realms)

Again main problem is not in not getting those recipes, but in major slowdowns on looting.
but at least nothing crashed, i think its a good sign