Make it easier to advance combat text


I really enjoy the game so far.

My main issue is that most of the time I am left spamming ‘e’ to advance text which leaves my hand hurting.
Assigning another key (END) helps somewhat to not put much strain since both ‘e’ and END work then and I switch hands :stuck_out_tongue:

My suggestion for a carpal tunnel syndrome free game is that there exists a way to go through combat text with fewer keyboard interactions.

Some thoughts on this:
a. Add a new key that skips combat text to next creature’s turn
b. Expand the combat window text and show more lines per keyboard interaction
c. Detect that ‘e’ is pressed down for a long duration and fast forward
d. Option to set the combat text to move on on it’s own with a given speed


I can definitely see your point! I’ll add some of this functionality to my todo list for the next patch.

I would love you to see that as well. After a couple hours of playtime on Android my right thumb gets quite sore from the constant tapping in battles.

Agreed on all points.