Make summoning great again!

I’ve been playing siralim 1 recently, and i just fell in live with the minion buff family.

In retrospect, i think that S3 should have a better summoning system than S2, because only the abomination family can relly on summons. Attack strategy families - tons and tones of them. Spell slinging families - less, but quite a lot still. Summoning families?..
Abominations. JUST ONE.

See? I want S3 to have a summoning system on par with S1, but different, because summoning in S1 was so much better than it is in S2. Maybe a secondary “army” display? Or you could just make Summoned critters disappear after they’ve died, freeing up space for more summons? Or, you could go retro on the retro game and use a system similar to the S1?

Just a suggestion, but i whould be very greatefull for any replies, thanks.

I have only played S2 for a while but summoning is so boring after I managed to do it consistently. The random summoned creatures take up normal creatures slots which naturally means less room for your bred creatures. My point is Siralim is a game which owes much of its fun from the breeding and team building aspect. With summoning, you somewhat move away from breeding and team building the more slots you reserve for random summoned creatures imo. Of course, like I said I haven’t spend that much time playing S2. If someone knows a fun way to play with summoning build in S2 then please do tell me. But my first impression is that summoning is fundamentally boring in S2 and hope it will be overhauled in S3.

Maybe you can choose the creatures? And trade power for versatility?

I fullheartedly concur. The old summoning mechanic was considerably more… summon’y, even if it was just a series of glorified buffs. Make summoning great again and restore peace to the land!

And while we’re on the topic of mechanics that were infinitely cooler in Siralim 1; I’d like to see the old Poison and Burn mechanics return. Stacking poison on a target and making your foes take increasing amounts of Burn damage over time was just fun. It made the two debuffs very unique and feel quite a bit different from one another, as oppossed to one being about stacking Int (in which case, why not just drop a Planets on the enemy?) and stacking Atk.

And while we're on the topic of mechanics that were infinitely cooler in Siralim 1; I'd like to see the old Poison and Burn mechanics return
Extremely +1. Also, Doom and Rebirth was awesome back then.

I’ve recently had the idea of summoned creatures taking a part of the commander creatures stats, and another idea, that could mesh with S2’s summoning approach:
You can have up to X creatures commanded by one creature, but if you have an empty slot, every creature gets a +1 to summoned/ maximum commanded creatures.

My first character in 2 was a death mage with a party of 3. 3 summons before battle, then traits from aboms, wights, and phoenixes made for a REALLY strong team.

Although I only really used the summons as food, so that kinda supports your original post…

You see, the problem here is what summons are in nature.

In S1 thery were depersonificated into buffs, sure, it was easy on the mechanics, but lacked any flavour.

In S2 summons were so characteristic, that you needed to make room for them in your creature slots, and they were solitary creatures.

Im S3, well, i’d like to see S2’s approach, but i whould also like to see something new, i’ve catalogued the current proposals for a solution:

  1. S2 mechanics - easy to implement, but a bit lazy.
  2. 7-th creature slot - this messes with battle layout.
  3. Dissapearing summons - they dissapear after death, a renewable resource.

Zack, what is your opinion?

[move]Dissapearing summons[/move]
This, please.

They’ll disappear when they die in Siralim 3. There’s a check to make sure they won’t resurrect right away, though, which should make sure they still work with “auto-resurrect” traits.

I don’t like the dedicated slot idea simply because any team would be automatically gimped if they don’t take advantage of it. Although, if there was, say, an additional row for summons, but each summoned creature lowered all stats by 10-20% that would work really well.

I simply think the biggest weakness of recent summoning was the randomness, since having a 3-member party was actually a strength with the altar.

I thought the way the Etrian Odyssey series handled summons was excellent. The party of five was divided into front and back rows and a single summon could be placed in whichever slot was unoccupied. The summoning character paid a high opportunity cost to have the summon be strong, but the summons were flexible and could provide valuable buff / debuffs to round out almost any party. A singular summoning party slot, with a high opportunity cost to be used is something which could be emulated in Siralim’s system. One such opportunity cost a creature could pay to have a potent summon could be that summoning gems take multiple gem slots. Perhaps the amount of slots could be relative to the power of the creature - A familiar would be two slots, whereas a summon with the ability to carry the party would take the maximum amount of achievable gem slots.