Make the game harder to break than Siralim 1

There are a lot of ways that Siralim 1 is currently superior to S2.

THe best addition to S2 is the creature breeding, but only because it effectively throttles what traits you can have access to at early-mid game levels. The rest of the breeding system is currently pretty bunk. Oh it works, but its not worth you time because the game is easy enough to break without ever needing to “breed superior critters”.

You break S2 the same way you broke S1…by abusing the scaling traits. I warned the creator about this in the S1 forum but there it was said that S2 will address the issue.

Instead of addressing it, things are far worse. Spells and spell gem system is amazingly fun but broken beyond repair. You need to limit spell gems to like 1 per critter maybe extending it with traits or something. I think it would be a much better idea to make the spell gems long term goals like artifact realms and the deeper you go you unlock more and better properties. BUT you have severe limits on number of spell gems allowed per critter.

Anyways the point is, S2 is very easy to break and make infinite teams. No need to elaborate on the specifics here if you want examples send me a private message. S1 had way better pacing and the “tutorial” was way more fun and useful than the main campaign of S2 imo. You should use the original tutorial and expand on it with bosses and such.

Limiting the amount of spell gems won’t do much. People will just slot in the few broken spells they need; it’ll just push oout the use of the more balanced spells. You usually only need one or two per creature anyway, except you don’t get to have utility spells.

And you need to actually mention the problems if you’re going to make a balance thread, and elaborate more why the new tutorial and campaign feel flawed. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but this thread comes off as rude and instigative to me without much constructive detail to the criticism.

S1 endgame was balanced mostly based on player feedback. Builds were posted and the dev broke them in the next patch.

TBH though, I don’t think this game will reach the same point of balance because so many different types of buffs and debuffs were removed that any given team will have much less of a chance of running into a counter. Spells sort of counterbalance this but not enough.

The best way (probably) to go about it is making AI smarter, and throwing together more powerful custom built enemy teams for the player to run into in deeper realm levels.

Absolutely need to elaborate on the specifics. If you claim to have an infinite team, let’s have it. Most of the balancing that has been done with S2 was because people mentioned they had infinite teams and detailed them (secret ingredient, braze, etc.).