Making Singualrities really singular

Hi dev team and hi players :),

I really, really appreciate the hard work of creating all Singularities and I genuinely want to love them but the truth is

  • I do not see my own creatures that often that their appearance truly matters despite Siralim isn’t about fancy graphics and that is completely okay
  • Most of the time I kill Singularities because I cannot distinguish them from normal ones

If possible how about giving them more than just a different look?

  • they could have i. e. 10% more base stats or
  • they could come with unique artifacts that have 6-10 empty Slots (or less, just some numbers, artifact cannot be removed like Saias) and lorewise these artifacts triggered the “mutation” or
  • they could have 50% more maximum mana
    or other cool but not too overpowered benefits.

You could also make a pool of these benefits and they get one of those effects so that two of the same Singualrity-creatures are still unique.

And secondly if a Singularity appears in a fight, we need a message about it. In case I don’t know how it looks I kill it.

It would be genuinely a shame if all that great work would go to waste.

Thank you for reading and considering ;D

I loved loved loved the alternate/oldschool sprites you could buy in S2, and I wish those had been kept around as singular creatures as I personally don’t care for just different colours one bit (despite appreciating everyone’s work on them). I think pallette swaps are the least interesting/laziest ‘rare’ a game can offer, and many games have been buried for including them.