Making Siralim more tolerant of task switching?


Great game. Thank you! An issue I’ve run into a lot. I’m running a Galaxy S5 Lollipop (Android 5.0) with game version 2.0.8. I just entered the daily realm, killed all but ~5 creatures, and accidentally loaded the camera on my phone. Siralim then, after switching back to the, kicked me out of the daily realm. I’ve been dealing with this for a while-I basically only do one realm at a time, when I’m guaranteed to not be interrupted for 20 minutes, and otherwise I try not to touch my phone between dungeons. However, is it possible to make siralim’s detection of whether to boot me out of a realm more robust? I almost never choose to quit, but switching to whatapp (or any other application) also almost always boots me out of the dungeon. If I had an android tablet, only being able to use one application at a stretch for hours would likely be fine, but it’s annoying on a full-featured phone.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that I have any control over. This is the fault of the operating system and the way its memory management works. There is nothing in the game’s code that intentionally boots you out of a realm or anything like that.

Out of curiosity, what exactly happens when you switch back to the game after turning on your camera or something similar? Does it restart the game? If so, make sure you don’t have any task manager apps running or anything that would close apps for you automatically.


Thank you for following up! Indeed, Android 5.0 restarts the game, and I have to click continue, select my character profile, and reload the character, who is plopped into the familiar castle. I have no task manager apps running, as I’ve heard how bad they are for the battery on non-rooted devices (I’m non-rooted). I launched the default task manager and see 1.35 GB/1.66 GB of RAM used. I’ll try to do some more scientific testing and/or create a reproducible test, video it, and report back.

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My guess is that launching the camera or another app causes you to run out of memory so Android automatically closes down any apps that are running in the background (like Siralim) to make room in memory for the new app in the foreground.

I found Siralim to be quite good at staying alive even after hours of running other apps. It used to crash on reopen on older versions but with 2.0.8 I did not have a task switch crash yet. I still run KitKat on my Nexus 5 though.

I think the most likely culprit is Lollipop memory management. On XDA they have a thread about how aggressive it removes inactive apps from memory even with 500MB ram left.

Fark. Looks like you’re onto something. I don’t think I can free up >500 MB of RAM on my VZW S5 without rooting, which is prohibitively difficult these days.

Just noting that the latest VZW version of lollipop for the Galaxy S5 (pushed out a week ago or so) does not improve the issue. With the increasing adoption of Lollipop 5.0 (and its memory issues), this issue might become more widespread, although presumably you have statistics on what OSes are installed with your application and can prioritize accordingly.

Might adding detection for whether a realm was exited via a portal or deliberate user action, and if not, restore the user to the realm, be feasible? Even though I always close out all applications before running Siralim, if I get a Whatsapp message, I have about a 50% chance of not getting back into the realm I was in. This is especially problematic for daily realms, which I can only complete a fraction of the time.

As always, many thanks for the awesome game and awesome support. You rock.

What’s up with everyone and their lollipop stuff? Is that some jail break thing? If it causes memory problems, why not just use the actual phone? My galaxy S5 keeps siralim running when I task switch unless I’m out of the game for a significant amount of time running other things. In that case, I just save exit anyways.

I am not rooted (jailbroken). Lollipop is version 5.x of Android.

Huh. I must be out of the loop. I have android. How would I find out what mine is?

Depends on how your vendor and carrier butchered the operating system, but something akin to

Android 5.0 lollipop memory issues suck. I reverted to Android 4.4.4, as I was getting frustrated with applications constantly redraw, even when just Siralim/Google maps/any two (just two) applications were open, or losing my daily realms progress if I wanted to take a picture. Unfortunately, Samsung Kies (Galaxy S5) no longer recognizes my phone as the same one, so it won’t restore my Siralim backup. And since the data was stored in an inaccessible (if not rooted) location, I lost 50 hours of work, both nether creatures, etc. I assume there’s no way to recover my save game, but does anyone know any Android-fu to help?

Sad morc… On the plus side, I now have root, so I can make (maybe?) backups.

On Android, the save files are in /data/data/com.thylacinestudios.siralim/files. Specifically, they’re named siralim#.ini, where # is the save slot number. (You do in fact need root to access the folder.)
I have no idea how Kies works, but if you’ve got those ini files on your computer you could get them on your smartphone by e-mailing them to yourself, or uploading them to cloud storage like Dropbox, or using Ghost Commander to copy them over from a shared folder on your computer.