Malady proc: Infection/Disease damage

  1. Bug

  2. This is far from game-breaking, but I noticed the Malady procs of Infection and Disease might be switched. I have a Necklace enchanted with Proficient, Malady, and a slew of Luck enchants. Based on apparent stat differences on the creatures with the artifact, and the damage inflicted by Infection and Disease, it appears as though the debuffs are calculating damage based on the opposite stat. Namely, Infection doing damage based on Luck, and Disease based on Speed. The order of application of the debuffs does not matter; this is a consistent result. Modifying Luck mid-game will affect the Infection damage. Maybe just a labeling switch?

  3. iOS

  4. Version 2.3.0

  5. Happens with all creatures I’ve equipped it to (Spider Occultist, Nightwing Gargoyle, Bone Reaper), in a variety of Realm depths and encounter types. However, in all cases the equipped creature’s Luck is higher than Speed, mostly due to the artifact enchantments.

Doesn’t affect gameplay, since they apply in random order and guarantee application of both after two hits. Just thought I would bring it up.